Photo Gallery

Platform 2012: Parallels, Fred Holland and Ishmael Houston-Jones

Photo: Ian Douglas

Knife / Tape / Rope with Jeremy Pheifer and Robert Maynard, American Realness, 2012

Photo: Ian Douglas

Publicity photograph for Fred Holland and Ishmael Houston-Jones's Babble: First Impressions of the White Man, Dance Theater Workshop, 1983.

Photo: Pamela Moore

This manifesto for Fred Holland and Ishmael Houston-Jones’s 1983 Untitled Duet at Contact at 10th and 2nd was not disclosed to the audience. The Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia printed this poster as part of the installation, Endless Shout, 2017

Steve Paxton sent this postcard on June 29, 1983 after Fred Holland and Ishmael Houston-Jones had performed their Untitled Duet, sometimes called Oo-Ga-La on the “Partners” program at Contact at 10th and 2nd Festival at Danspace Project.

Cowboys, Dreams, and Ladders, Fred Holland and Ishmael Houston-Jones, The Kitchen, 1984

Photo: Dona Ann McAdams

In spring 2015 Ishmael Houston-Jones took part in a Pecha Kucha in Lagos, Nigeria sponsored by the Goethe Institute. Artists from left, Yetunde Babaeko, Peju Alatise, Jelili Atiku, IH-J, Zemaye Okediji, Pwavido Mathias, Folakunle Oshun and Marc-André Schmachtel, (Goethe Institute).

Photo courtesy of Goethe Institute, Lagos

dancer/choreographer/performance makers of indigenous and First Nations heritage, Ishmael Houston-Jones led workshop in Sydney, Australia

Pictured: Brian Fuata, Glen Thomas, Thomas E S Kelly, Taree Sansbury, 2017

photographer unknown

Unsafe/Unsuited, a collaboration with Keith Hennessy and Patrick Scully, PS 122, 1995

Photo: Dona Ann McAdams

Parallels 1982, Danspace Project

Photo of Ishmael Houston-Jones, Harry Whittaker Sheppard, Christine Jones, Fred Holland, Ralph Lemon, 1982

photographer unknown

Platform 2012: Parallels, Danspace Project

Photo of Ishmael Houston-Jones, Fred Holland, Dean Moss, Thomas DeFranz, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Nora Chipaumire, Samantha Speis, Souleymane Badolo, 2012

Photo: Ian Douglas

13 Loves Songs: dot dot dot, AMERICAN REALNESS festival, Ishmael Houston-Jones and Emily Wexler, 2014

Photo: Ian Douglas

Ishmael Houston-Jones and Terry Fox improvising near Independence Hall, Philadelphia, 1970s.

Photo: Helen Jones

New York Times Preview for Parallels, 1982

Photo: Jack Mitchell 

Screws Loose: they won’t shut up. 1980s improv group at PS 122. With IH-J, Susan Seizer, Mark Russell, and Charles Dennis.

Photo: Dona Ann McAdams

Movement Research Improvisation Festival at The Kitchen with Yvonne Meier, Tere O'Connor, Ishmael Houston-Jones, 2002

Photo: Anja Hitzenberger

Ishmael Houston-Jones and Nick Hallett receive the Best Revival 2017 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Variations on Themes from Lost and Found…

Photo: AK47 Division

Platform 2016: Lost and Found, a conversation with Bill T. Jones by co-cuators Ishmael Houston-Jones and Will Rawls at Danspace Project

photographer unknown

Part 2: Relatives, With Pauline Houston Jones and Ishmael Houston-Jones, Danspace Project, 1982,

Photo: Pamela Moore

Duet from Platform 2016: A Body in Places, Eiko Otake and Ishmael Houston-Jones at Danspace Project

Photo: Ian Douglas

Relatives, Ishmael Houston-Jones, 1989,

Production still: Lorna Simpson

Without Hope 2010, Pieterpasad, Los Angeles

Photo: Takahiro Yamamoto

At Eva Presenhuber November/December 2018: Visitors started out in the dark. Plunged into the blackest of black boxes just inside the gallery door, they were confronted by the premiere of Adam Pendleton's latest video portrait—Ishmael in the Garden – a tender study of the dancer/choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones. Intimacy doesn’t begin to describe how close Pendleton brings viewers to his subject, who speaks both in voice-over and directly to the camera about his family, a sexual encounter, and deep personal losses of a sort that everyone will recognize. It’s intense.

- Linda Yablonsky, The Art Newspaper

Photo courtesy Eva Presenhuber

2 videos plus Manifesto: Installation at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, 2017. Fred Holland and IH-J performance at Contact at 10th and 2nd, Danspace Project 1983.

Videos by Cathy Weis and Lisa Nelson, photographer unknown

Adam Pendleton and Ishmael Houston-Jones answer questions after a screening of Pendleton’s Ishmael in the Garden December 2018.

Photo courtesy Danspace Project